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Nonionic surfactantsAlkyl glucoside Cationic surfactantFunctional auxiliary
Lauramide DEA (ninol)

This product is the amidation product of lauric acid (lauric acid) methyl ester as raw material, commonly known as alkanolamide (Nenar), LDEA, etc.,CAS:120-40-1; Colour and lustre is light, high active substance, does not contain glycerol, and has good surface activity.
Product features
1.It has good properties of thickening, foaming and stabilizing foaming;
2.It has good emulsification and decontamination ability.
3.It has good compatibility and synergistic effect with other surfactants.
4.With anti-static, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and other properties.
Technical indicators

Main indicators

Parameter values


light yellow viscous liquid

Solubility of petroleum ether(%)


Amine value(mgKOH/g)


Colour and lustre(Hazen)


PH value(10g/L, 10% ethanol solution)


Usage and dosage
Widely used in textile auxiliaries, metal processing auxiliaries, high-grade daily chemical products and cosmetics, as foaming agent, emulsifier antistatic agent, emulsifier use.
200kg iron drums or plastic drums

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