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Nonionic surfactantsAlkyl glucoside Cationic surfactantFunctional auxiliary
LauramideMEA (CMEA)

This product is made from the reaction of methyl laurate and monoethanolamine. Its appearance is white flaky solid, without glycerol and high amide content. CAS: 142-78-9; Widely used in high-grade shampoo, soap, solid toilet cleaning agent (blue bubble) and other products, as foaming thickening agent, fragrance agent and slow solvent use.
Product features
1.Excellent thickening and foam stability;2.Insoluble in water, can be dispersed into hot surfactant solutions;
3.It has excellent skin moisturizing, fragrance retention, decontamination and hard water resistance;
4.With emulsification and shading, suitable for pearlescent pulp production and pearlescent products;
Technical indicators

Main indicators

Parameter values


White flake

Melting point(℃)


Amine value(mgKOH/g)


PH value(10g/L, 10% ethanol solution)


Usage and dosage
This product is used as thickening agent, detergent, rheological regulator, foaming and weighing foaming agent in pearlescent shampoo, solid toilet cleaning agent, soap, ointment, etc. It is often used for the preparation of pearlescent detergents and also for the synthesis of amide ether surfactants.
Recommended dosage2-10%.
25kg paper bag, lined with plastic diaphragm

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